Consultation Services for Autism

Communications and Accommodations Support Services

Jay Nolan Community Services (JNCS) provides consultation services for autism in addition to the support services to families and others to identify support needs for an individual and assist in developing and implementing strategies to effect change and/or address a wide variety of important issues, such as the following:

  • Communication difficulties
  • Accommodations needed
  • Challenging behavioral support needs
  • Achieving ISP goals and objectives
  • Quality of life indicators
  • Understanding meaningful activities
  • Facilitating a better understanding of and use of an individual’s gifts and talents
  • Helping a person play more valued social roles
  • Movement and sensory issues
  • Other areas to improve individual quality of life

These consultation services for autism are independent of other support provided by JNCS and are more consultative in nature – depending on the parameters of the assignment – JNCS will provide reporting, strategies, one on one guidance or training to families, develop matrices for achievement, etc.

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