Family Support Services

Family Support Services

There is nothing like having a family to give you the love and support you need to ensure a thriving life. That is why at Jay Nolan Community Services (JNCS), we believe in keeping children with autism and other developmental disabilities with their own family whenever possible. The support services that are available to families are geared toward providing the assistance that a family may need, or desire in order to ensure that the family remains together.

Family Support Services include:

  • Community Facilitator
  • Inclusive Summer Camp for Children
  • Alternative Family Program
  • Independent Living Services (ILS)

Community Facilitator Program

Community Facilitator Program provides the intensive supports that a family may require due to having a family member who regularly demonstrates significant challenges within the context of the family and community. JNCS believes that the key to supporting those individuals is through developing relationships, trust, respect dignity, and self-determination, It is critical to listen carefully and closely to what the individual says through words (spoken, written, facilitated, or otherwise expressed) or actions. All of these are at the heart of positive support technology and methodology. The Community Facilitator program does not use behavior modification, Lovaas discrete trials, punishment, coercion, token economy, etc.

The Program relies on the intrinsic value of developing and having relationships with others and of learning effective means of communication beyond basic wants and needs.

An appropriate support plan is developed which includes specific objectives that the family wants to see worked on or activities that the family wants to see the individual participate in (such as sports, home-work, activities of daily living, etc.)

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