Grant’s Success Story

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JNCS walks with Grant on his path to happiness – Literally.

Have you met Grant? If so, that’s not surprising. JNCS has supported Grant for over 30 years, through the best of times and the toughest of times. Nowadays, he lives in his own home with his Jack Russell Terrier, Kiba, and his roommate. But it hasn’t always been this way.

Having transitioned from a group home to living independently, Grant has created a life for himself that is entirely of his choosing. A friendly, happy go lucky, kind and loving man, Grant loves to hike and play miniature golf. He also likes playing penny slots in Las Vegas and, as he likes to say, “Party like a rock star!”


In the past few years, he astonished his circle of support with his resilience and positive outlook when he was diagnosed with cancer. Grant had surgery and has undergone regular chemo treatments that require numerous and extended hospital stays. Yet the people that support him have been close by throughout this scary journey. They knew him so well that they were the first people to bring their concerns to the doctor and their vigilance saved Grant’s life.

The loving and trusting relationships that Grant has with his staff assures that when he is struggling, they are able to provide comfort. They say that it is during the worst storms of your life that you will get to see the true colors of those around you. Grant’s circle has shown their dedication to Grant. They exemplify the true definition of a circle of support.

Nowadays, Grant is often found hiking the hills around Santa Clarita where he feels most at peace, with his staff JP walking beside him.

Help make sure Grant and other individuals with Autism and other developmental disabilities in California receive the support they need to be successful:


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