Supported Living

Supported Living

Assisting people to live in their own homes

People with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities have the right to access assistance and supports to live a valued life in the community. They also have the ability to contribute to their respective communities if given the opportunity. We stand by this belief by offering specific, personalized services to people with all types of disabilities, so that everyone may live in their own homes and be active community members. Support is specific for each individual’s needs, interests, and desires. Support is provided in whatever intensity, duration and frequency required.

The Five Principles of SLS

  • A Home of One's Own

  • Choice and Self-directed

  • Relationships

  • Community Membership

  • Flexible, Tailored Supports

How does this all happen?

It starts with Jay Nolan Community Services (JNCS) employees learning about an individual and their hopes, dreams, desires as well as any needs for assistance and support. This is the discovery process. Family members, friends, co-workers and other important stakeholders provide their insight and reflections. This discovery process allows us to develop an Individual Support Plan, which is our “agreement” with the person and his/her family on developing a personalized action plan.

Each individual receiving services from Jay Nolan Community Services Supported Living works with a Circle of Support comprised of the person being supported, family, friends, associates, allies, and other community members the individual chooses. The circle of support uses a holistic approach to develop a person-centered plan that helps the individual achieve their dreams.

Decisions made by the individual as well as the circle members include deciding which support staff to hire or terminate, what individualized day-to-day support is appropriate for the individual, what back-up and emergency support is needed, and many other decisions, which comprise the individual support plan. This model maintains the individual’s control over his/her life. The circle of support meets every four to six weeks depending on the person’s choice. The circle meetings are facilitated by the individual or a circle member of their choice.

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