Jose PalaciosASL Interpreter

    I have been working as an ASL/Spanish Interpreter professionally for 18 years. In 2002 I was a paraprofessional at C.H.I.M.E. Charter Elementary, one of the first inclusion schools in the United States. I immediately took to the Deaf children and began to learn Sign Language from them. That inspired me to pursue the ASL Interpreting Program at Los Angeles Pierce College, which I finished in 2005.

    At the beginning of my interpreting career, most of my work was educational, but as time went on, I became more specialized, veering toward medical and special needs education. By 2021, I was fully immersed in a Deaf Program with Deaf Plus kids at a school in Ventura County where I thrived in my role

    of an ASL Interpreter/Teacher Assistant. That experience encouraged me to look for more opportunities in this domain because it gave me a sense of purpose. And here I am, at JNCS, helping serve a community that allows me the opportunity to serve them.