To everyone who is standing up and speaking out in support of people with developmental disabilities, we have a message:

You Are Being Heard!

Last week the California Assembly's Appropriations Committee voted unanimously to pass Assembly Bill 279 (AB 279 - Holden) and move it on to a full vote in the Assembly!!!

Assemblyman Tom Lackey at a recent Sacramento rally

Additionally, both the Senate and Assembly Budget Subcommittees voted to restore social recreation programs and to remove the cap on respite services for individuals with developmental disabilities!!!
OK, now let's get back to work! AB 279 will need everyone's advocacy to move on through the Senate and to the Governor's Desk. And, the funds to actually restore social recreation and respite services has not yet made it through full Budget Committee votes and into the State Budget.Take just one minute and reflect on the power of your actions to date! These important efforts: to restore highly valued services and to secure the resources our service organizations need to pay the legally required local minimum wage did not start in Sacramento. They started in local communities including ours where hundreds and then thousands of you took it upon yourselves to meet with elected officials, to call them and write to them. You told them that these services were vitally important to quality of life. And you told them that the people who serve our community need the funding to be paid the legal minimum wage.

So here is our next call to action: Will you write two letters and make two phone calls by Friday, June 2nd?


  1. Write and call Senator Ricardo Lara, Chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee. Urge him to support and pass AB 279 when it comes before his Committee. Click here to see the sample phone message and below to see the sample letters.

>> Letter from a parent of a person receiving services

>> Letter from a person receiving services

>> Letter from a provider organization (vendor)


Senator Ricardo Lara (916) 651-4033

State Capitol, Room 5050

Sacramento, CA 95814-4900


  1. Write and call Senator Holly Mitchell, Chair of the Senate Budget

Committee. Urge her to include funding for restoration social recreation programs and for removal of the cap on respite services for people with developmental disabilities. Click here to see the sample letter.

Senator Holly Mitchell (916) 651-4030

State Capitol, Room 5080
Sacramento, CA 95814-4900

If everyone commits to taking these actions, then our issues have a chance to move forward. If we don't act, well... let's not even consider that. We've come a long way; let's go for it!