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Legacy Giving

Make a gift to Jay Nolan Community Services through your estate plan
Jay Nolan Community Services

Make a gift through your estate plan

You can help individuals with autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities thrive with a gift in your will, trust, or investment account (or by beneficiary designation). These thoughtful donations are an opportunity to convey your vision for a future that is inclusive and supportive of the most vulnerable members of our communities.

Why Leave a Gift for Jay Nolan?

You make it possible to provide services to people from all walks of life, to help ensure support for the long term, and enable JNCS to continue implementing services that make a real impact in the quality of life for individuals served.

Contact us to find the right gift to meet your charitable and financial goals.

How do I include Jay Nolan as a beneficiary in my will, trust or investment account?

Including a gift in support of JNCS services is easy. Here is an example of text that you can include. Be sure to include our tax ID provided below.

“I give [ __ percent of my estate, or description of asset, or ____ dollars] to Jay Nolan Community Services, Inc.(JNCS), a California nonprofit corporation, 15501 San Fernando Mission Blvd., Suite 200 Mission Hills, CA 91345 (Tax ID 51-0179153), for its general use.”

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People with autism and other developmental disabilities want to work!
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Donate to JNCS

Donations to JNCS help make sure individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities get the customized support they need to live a quality life in our California communities.

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Our organizational training department at Jay Nolan Community Services has a threefold mission. First, to provide training to new employees so that they are equipped with the information and skills they need to be successful on the job. Second, to provide ongoing training and skill set that aid in the professional development and retention of incumbent staff. And third, to develop and create events and opportunities for community outreach through our educational programs and advocacy involvement.

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Volunteer at JNCS

Do you have a special talent or gift? Become more involved and share your talents and gifts with us! We are always looking for people to help. Whether it is joining a committee, helping to plan a fundraiser, doing some office work, or helping to paint a house, our volunteers provide an important service.

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Promotional Programs

Promotional programs allow you to use your favorite services while helping support Jay Nolan Community Services. When you shop with one of our partners, a percentage of your purchase on eligible products, is donated to Jay Nolan Community Services.

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Become a Corporate Partner

Becoming a corporate sponsor is a good way to show that you care and helps strengthen the community. Your support helps us to provide better and greater care to more people in need. As a corporate partner, we believe that our success is your success too!

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Employer Program

If you are an employer looking for quality employees, consider hiring a person with a disability. Studies have shown that people with disabilities make excellent, hard-working employees. It’s good for business. It’s good for the community. And, you may even be eligible for a special tax incentive.

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Legislation and Advocacy

Join us in supporting legislation and advocacy efforts that help individuals with Autism and other developmental disabilities live independent lives in their communities.

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