Jay Nolan Community Services Training

Our organizational training department at Jay Nolan Community Services has a threefold mission. First, to provide training to new employees so that they are equipped with the information and skills they need to be successful on the job. Second, to provide ongoing training and skill set that aid in the professional development and retention of incumbent staff. And third, to develop and create events and opportunities for community outreach through our educational programs and advocacy involvement.

For more information regarding our Employee Trainings or Community Trainings –
Please call (818) 361-6400 x155 or x147

Jay Nolan Community Services 2018 Training Calendar

2018 Training Calendar

Upcoming Training

  • Entrenamiento de Mandt – Junio 27 y 28, de 9am – 5pm

    CPR y Primeros Auxilios – Junio 29, de 9am — 5pm

    Las clases se llevarán a cabo dentro de la sala de entrenamiento en el primer piso.

    Llame hoy para reservar su asiento.

    Rosemery Roque (818) 361-6400  ext.147

  • To all our Ridgecrest Employees:

    We are offering three training events taking place at the EDD offices located at: 

    1400 N Norma St # 111
    Ridgecrest, CA 93555 

    Mandt Re-certification 1 day course will be taking place on Wednesday, June 20th from 9am – 5pm. 

    Adult/Child CPR & FA will take place on Thursday, June 21st – 9am – 3pm 

    ALL-STAFF SIR/Mandated Reporter Training – Recognizing and Reporting Suspected and or Actual Abuse or Neglect.

    Thursday, June 21st – 3pm to 5pm (2 Hours)

  • Supervisor 101 Training Series Interviewing for Success

    Hiring the right people and training them properly are the most effective ways to ensure the success of our organization. In this class, we will learn how to develop guidelines for the interviewing and hiring process.

    With this training, our ultimate goal is to hire people with three qualities: integrity, intelligence, and energy.

    All management are encouraged to participate. 

    Monday, June  25th  from 10am to 12pm

  • Southern California Employees

    ALL-STAFF SIR/Mandated Reporter Training – Thursday, July 26st – 1pm to 3pm (2 Hours)

    Every single JNCS employee is a Mandated Reporter with an individual duty to know who, when and where to report suspected or actual.

    *This 2-year certification course is Mandatory. Email or call the Training Department to check on your certification status.*

  • Summer Training News

    During the summer, from June, 2018 – August, 2018, we will offer several weekend classes. This will be a great opportunity for anyone who is unable to attend classes during the week days or evenings. Schedule your Mandt and Adult/Child CPR & FA courses now!  

    Steps to register for all JNCS Employee Training

    1. Confirm your attendance with your Supervisor (call, email, or text).
    2. Call or email the Training Department to reserve your seat, TODAY!
      (818)  361-6400 ext.147 or ext.155   or E-mail: training@jaynolan.org

What goes into the making of a truly great leader?

One who is capable of articulating a powerful, positive and compelling vision for organizational and individual growth, and who can generate the trust and support needed to execute this vision. – Kathy Caprino, Forbes

Spanish Core Training Events

Spanish Healthier Family Relationships Training

Sat., May 19 (10am – 12pm)



Sabado, Mayo 19, 2018
10:00am to 12:00pm

MANDT Training

The Mandt System is the core learning curriculum at JNCS. We require all employees to certify in Mandt every year.

Mandt teaches staff the strategies for building healthy relationships with the individuals they support in order to recognize potentially negative situations and use prevention and de-escalation techniques to avoid/prevent challenging behaviors. By calming your own emotional responses and managing your behavior you can interact with other people positively. Training focuses on providing non-physical strategies and tools to help cultivate healthy communication skills and steps for helping people de-escalate. Healthy workplace relationships are necessary components to create trust between supported individuals and staff.

Training Calendar 2018

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