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Our organizational training department at Jay Nolan Community Services has a threefold mission. First, to provide training to new employees so that they are equipped with the information and skills they need to be successful on the job. Second, to provide ongoing training and skill set that aid in the professional development and retention of incumbent staff. And third, to develop and create events and opportunities for community outreach through our educational programs and advocacy involvement.

For more information regarding our Employee Trainings or Community Trainings –
Please call (818) 361-6400 x155 or x147

Jay Nolan Community Services 2018 Training Calendar

2018 Training Calendar

Upcoming Training

  • NEW! Supervisor 101 Training Series:  Performance Evaluation
    Why bother with employee performance evaluations?

    Is it to protect yourself, and the organization, in the event of a legal action by a disgruntled ex-employee by documenting negative behavior or below-average work-related performance?  Or, is it to keep track of high performing workers in order to reward them appropriately? Actually, it does both…and more!  Don’t miss this Training.

    All management are to participate.

    (All Supervisors* – 2 dates)
    Sep 18 – 1pm to 3pm
    Sep 24 – 10am to 12pm
    *Required for Supervisors

    Special Needs Trust Fund Seminar

    Saturday, Sept. 22th – 10am to 12pm

    The rules for setting up Special Needs Trusts can be complicated and it is important to make sure that you seek out good advice about how to set one up in order to avoid serious problems.


    Even more helpful than a tax deduction is a tax credit, which applies directly to the amount of tax you owe.  The tax credits most helpful to parents of Special Needs children are the Child and Dependent Care Credit and the Earned Income Credit. In both cases, a credit that is normally only available for children may also be used for an older child with special needs.

    Your loved one deserves:

    Quality of Life * Security * Independence * Healthy Relationships

    Join other JNCS families for Straight Talk about Special Needs Trusts

    Spanish CPR and First Aid

    Sep 28             9am to 5pm

  • Supervisor 101: Time Management

    October 24 – 1pm to 3pm
    *Required for Supervisors

    New! Spanish SIR/Mandated Reporter Training

    October 29 – 10am to 12pm (ALL Employees*)
    Training focuses on recognizing and reporting abuse and neglect.
    * Required for ALL JNCS employees

    SIR/Mandated Reporter (abuse and neglect) 

    Sat.  Nov 3        10am to 12pm   (ALL Employees*)
    Training focuses on recognizing and reporting abuse and neglect.
    * Required for ALL Supervisors

    Spanish Mandt Re-Cert (1-day, get homework)
    Sat. Dec 8        9am to 5pm

    Sexual Harassment & Discrimination (ALL Supervisors*)
    Wed. Dec 19                10am -12pm
    * Required for ALL Supervisors

    September Training News & Updates
    To our staff: We made training revisions to months of October and December of our 2018  Training Calendar. Please note:

    October Foundations
    October 25-26             10am to 4pm  (changed from 2-8pm)

    Saturday Spanish Mandt (Re-Cert Only)
    December 8 – 9am to 5pm

    CPR & First Aid
    December 13 – 9am to 5pm  (changed from 2-10pm)


    • First—Confirm your attendance with your Supervisor (call, email, or text).
    • Second—Call or email the Training Department to reserve your seat, TODAY!
    • (818)  361-6400 ext.147 or ext.155  or E-mail: training@jaynolan.org

Spanish Core Training Events

  • Spanish Mandt Re-Cert (1-day, plus homework)
    Sat. Dec 8        9am to 5pm

    Spanish CPR & First Aid
    Thurs. Dec 14  9am to 5pm

  • Spanish CPR and First Aid
    Fri. Sep 28       9am to 5pm

    SIR/Mandated Reporter (abuse and neglect)
    Sat.  Nov 3        10am to 12pm   (ALL Employees*)

    * Required for ALL JNCS Employees

MANDT Training

The Mandt System is the core learning curriculum at JNCS. We require all employees to certify in Mandt every year.

Mandt teaches staff the strategies for building healthy relationships with the individuals they support in order to recognize potentially negative situations and use prevention and de-escalation techniques to avoid/prevent challenging behaviors. By calming your own emotional responses and managing your behavior you can interact with other people positively. Training focuses on providing non-physical strategies and tools to help cultivate healthy communication skills and steps for helping people de-escalate. Healthy workplace relationships are necessary components to create trust between supported individuals and staff.

Training Calendar 2018

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