2023 Annual Appeal from CEO Edward Amey

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portrait of JNCS CEO Edward Amey

Dear Friends,

Since 1975, Jay Nolan has been an innovative organization, by challenging assumptions, and providing opportunities through person-centered planning and individualized support for children and adults with Autism and other Intellectual and Development Disabilities. Our success is defined by the success of people we have the privilege of supporting. Every decision, every action, and every commitment we make is with an intent to serve people today, and tomorrow! We are people on a journey together. Forty-eight years ago, a courageous group of parents took action to change how their sons and daughters were being supported. By doing so they created the opportunity for them and many others to have the future they so earnestly desired. We have the honor of carrying that commitment forward by providing individualized services 100% in community.

Jay Nolan’s service offerings include Employment Support Services, where we connect jobseekers to opportunities with employers in their community, as well as our innovative Uniquely Abled Academy (UAA), which shifts the paradigm of thinking from “disabled” to “uniquely abled.” This intensive career preparation program gives job seekers with high-functioning autism an opportunity to start a new career as a Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machinist.

Jay Nolan has long been a pioneer in providing Supported Living Services, where individuals with developmental disabilities live independently in their own homes in the community of their choice. We do this with the Circle of Support, each unique to the supported individual.

Having a family member with a developmental disability can be challenging for the entire family. We provide an array of individualized support services for the family member who needs special assistance.

The ultimate goal of these programs is to provide individuals with the tools and resources to live and work as independently as possible in their local communities.

You are a part of Jay Nolan’s today and its tomorrow with your donations and contributions to our mission. You are on this journey with us, supporting people in their pursuit of leading fulfilling lives. Through your donations, we have been able to fulfill our mission and help thousands of individuals to determine the trajectory of their own lives. During these challenging times of inflation and workforce shortages, we need your support to continue to deliver creative inclusive services that leverage technology, new ideas, and the power of the human spirit to the people who rely on us.

I am grateful to be celebrating five years as CEO of this amazing organization. I am grateful for you, our amazing supporters, for my team of committed, passionate, and talented staff, and for the wonderful and resilient people we serve.

I urge you to continue this journey with us and make a contribution to Jay Nolan Community Services during this season of giving. During these extraordinary times, please stand with us, ensuring the high-quality services Jay Nolan offers will continue to build a better future for us all.

Thank you for your support and commitment to Jay Nolan Community Services.

Edward Amey, MS
CEO, Jay Nolan Community Services

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