JNCS Celebrates Autism Acceptance Month

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April is Autism Acceptance Month, and therefore a time to talk about Autism from a place of empowerment. Just a few years ago, this month was dedicated to Autism Awareness, but our society have moved beyond the act of labeling and informing because awareness is not enough.

There is a saying that, “no two people with autism are alike.” People with autism are often misunderstood in that they have a different way of processing experiences, as well as expressing themselves.  By embracing one’s individuality, we can begin to understand the intense feelings underneath their behavior. At JNCS, we find that individuals with autism deeply value truth and integrity, have high standards and also empathy, are detail focused and often have insights that others miss.  Let’s recognize our friends with autism for their strengths as well as their challenges and accept neurodiversity as another way of improving our society as a whole.

Join us in celebrating Autism Acceptance by taking and sharing the Jay Nolan Community Services pledge below:


I believe that everyone has the right to live, work and study in a community where they feel welcomed, safe, included, valued and accepted.

I pledge to be respectful of others, encourage diversity and acceptance, demonstrate empathy, recognize people’s strengths and abilities, challenge bias and discrimination, and foster safe and inclusive environments for people with disabilities.

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