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One of the most notable success stories from the San Jose branch is Barbara. Barbara has been with us for over 10 years. With assistance from Jay Nolan’s staff, through time she has made many personal changes in her life that have allowed her to take a more proactive role in enhancing her day to day routines and ultimately improving her health and well being. Barbara was born 42 years ago and together with her 2 brothers and 2 sisters lived the first part of her life in San Jose Ca. Tragically, during her high school years, her mother passed away. This left a large void in her life as she and her family struggled with this tragedy. Her personal health has always been jeopardized due to a chronic heart condition. When she first came to us she was in a sheltered workshop and was not working. When Barbara first began with Jay Nolan she required at least 20-30 hours per week of close support and monitoring. For a variety of reasons Barbara wanted constant attention and she would on occasion obtain it by inappropriate actions such as stealing money from staff, walking around partially clothed, shoplifting, or simply disappearing.

However through time and with positive role models, she has really strived to make positive improvements in her demeanor as well as her actions. She now assumes a much greater role in decisions concerning her well being. Her personal relationships have expanded as well. She has had the same boyfriend, named Robert, for the past ten years whom she visits every other weekend. Because of her mature attitude and progression, she only requires overnight support three times a week. Barbara has had other notable achievements as well. She also has a job supporting a long time friend through IHSS. The friend can no longer speak and is immobile. Barbara enjoys reading to her, polishing her nails, and combing her hair.

Over the last year Barbara has participated in the JNCS San Jose craft class. She has realized she is very creative and loves to interact with everyone involved.

Barbara was recently interviewed for and chosen to hold a position on the San Andreas Regional Center Board of Directors. Barbara worked hard to obtain this position and has worked very hard to learn her role and responsibilities. She is attending several committee meetings per month to represent consumers to the board of directors.

We are so pleased to have Barbara with us and certainly can see the vast improvement in her abilities and attitude. We wish her only success in the future.


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