CARES Act Supports People with Developmental Disabilities During COVID-19

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Jay Nolan has just recently been the recipient of a grant through the CARES Act Provider Relief Fund. This grant is meant to assist healthcare providers with expenses resulting from the pandemic. While many companies of a multitude of sizes were hit hard by the pandemic, JNCS was committed to operating at the same capacity to which our consumers were accustomed. This was made possibly by the CARES Act.

Overcoming Unprecedented Challenges

Receiving this grant was vital, as all the additional costs were unforeseen prior to the pandemic and there were little to no supplemental revenue sources to cover added costs. This allowed Jay Nolan the ability to maintain its high level of support to its staff and high quality of services to the individuals we support. But procuring this grant wasn’t effortless. Edward Amey, CEO of Jay Nolan Community Services, recalls it as a “combined team effort by the Fundraising Department and Finance Team to secure this grant”.

There were many who benefitted from the grant. It empowered JNCS to cover costs of the significant increase in sick leave, including the pandemic emergency leave. The grant provided for and covered the costs for PPE for our staff and supported individuals. Finally it helped JNCS afford the costs of maintaining a virtual work environment with technological resources while keeping the team connected to directly support our individuals. So everyone, including our staff and consumers, benefitted without cutting costs or sacrificing other resources.

Looking Forward

These funds have been utilized to cover the expenses as they’ve been presenting themselves. The grant has allowed Jay Nolan to operate and function to at a capacity many businesses haven’t been able to. Edward Amey reiterates how it was “critically important that we secured the grant, due to the unprecedented challenges the pandemic presented at Jay Nolan and the people we support”. The grant, in association with a fantastic team, the generosity of our individual donors, and incredible work ethic on behalf of JNCS, allowed for a successful year and the prospect for an even greater one looking forward.

Written by: Noelle Amey (JNCS Social Media Representative)


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