Celebrating Together: Glo And Serenity

During the holiday season, there is nothing more important than friends, family, and loved ones. The staff at Jay Nolan feel the exact same way. It’s the time of spreading cheer and joy to [...]

Kimi’s Success Story

Meet Kimi: A leader and a free spirit Say hello to Kimi, one of the brightest individuals supported through Jay Nolan Community Services. In the clip above, Kimi explains the value of [...]

James’s Success Story

James is a true knowledge-seeker.  Meet James. James has been with Jay Nolan Community Services since the beginning – for over 26 years, to be exact. Two decades seems like a long time, but [...]

Martin’s Success Story

The Northridge community would not be the same without Martin “The Boss” Gottenbos  Known by his close friends as “The Boss,” Martin has been with JNCS for over 26 years. Years ago, [...]

Edgar’s Success Story

Edgar started his first job at Corner Bakery as a dishwasher and sandwich maker with job coaching from JNCS staff 100% of the time. After a year and a half he only needed 20% coaching at work. [...]

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