Destination: Famous! Grace’s Journey Towards Making Her Brand

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Nearly two years ago, Grace Hawker wrote, filmed, edited, and uploaded to YouTube her first ever video reviewing a popular movie. Her review of the original 1996 movie, Space Jam, was a big hit with the YouTube community. Grace has always loved movies and after seeing examples of others posting reviews, she was inspired to start creating her own as well.

The desire to create was magnified as Grace saw all the possibilities for content, but as with anyone, it took time and effort. In order to produce her own show, Grace taught herself the necessary skills for video and sound editing. As a one-person business, everything is reliant on her. All writing, filming, editing, and marketing is something Grace had to learn by herself and practice to perfection. Her pride in her work is evident given how she built her brand from the ground up and the passion she demonstrates in her work.

Eventually, Grace’s movie reviews transitioned into movie and television show recaps for those who wanted a quick reminder without needing to watch everything over again. Grace’s inspiration comes from the other voices in the YouTube community. She loves to take it all in and apply what she learns to her own channel. Grace reveals how this is a great way to express her creative side while also getting to do what she loves: watch movies! She also appreciates the freedom to work remotely. However, Grace keeps herself on schedule by setting hard deadlines that she admits are sometimes challenging to keep given all the work she zealously does herself.

Grace’s ambition did not stop here. She also produces her own podcast! When attempting to decide what the focus of her podcast would be, she struggled to choose just one thing. So ultimately Grace determined her podcast would be about anything and everything; “any random stuff” Grace claims. She calls her podcast “The Destination Random Podcast” because of the randomization of the content, and she loves the “Final Destination” movies.

Grace comments on how much joy producing her shows brings her. Looking to the future, Grace wants to learn even more about editing and new techniques to enhance her content. The final goal for Grace is to eventually be sponsored on YouTube and become part of the YouTube partnership program.

You can help Grace reach her goal by checking out her content and profiles! Grace’s newest recap video will be on the series “Crazy Ex Girlfriend season 1 episode 2,” so be sure to stop by her pages!

YouTube: @gracerecaps
Instagram: gracerecaps_
Twitter: gracerecaps_
Snapchat: gracerecaps
TikTok: @gracerecaps

The Destination Random Podcast:
Youtube: @TheDestinationRandomPodcast
Instagram: thedesranpod
Twitter: thedesranpod
Snapchat: thedesranpod
TikTok: @thedesranpod


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