Celebrating Together: Glo And Serenity

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During the holiday season, there is nothing more important than friends, family, and loved ones. The staff at Jay Nolan feel the exact same way. It’s the time of spreading cheer and joy to everyone around us.

For many in the workforce, a job is simply that; a job. But for the hardworking direct support professions (DSPs) at JNCS, it is so much more than that. Jay Nolan is an organization that supports people, and people are what the holidays are all about.

Celebrating Together: Glo and Serenity

The unfortunate truth is: many of the people supported through services like those at JNCS do not have family to spend the holidays with. So, staff have stepped up and become a second family to them. Many of the support staff at the agency celebrate the holidays with the person they support. One such duo is Gloria (Glo) and her staff Serenity. According to Serenity, in the 26 years that she received services from JNCS, Glo has always spent the holidays with her and her family. Serenity’s mother formerly supported Glo and would invite her over to celebrate. They have their own holiday traditions which continue even now that Serenity supports Glo instead. These include activities like Christmas tree decorating, shopping for gifts, and gingerbread house making.

Since Glo has become a permanent part of the family, everyone expects to see her and many of the extended family of Serenity’s will ask where she is and when she is coming. There is no doubt that Glo enjoys spending time with Serenity and her family just as much as they love having her spend the holidays with them. “It would be a different Christmas if she wasn’t with us,” Serenity says. The bond they have is natural, organic, and a beautiful representation of what the holidays are about: inclusion and togetherness.


Traditions that Bind Us

Glo is loved and taken care of by everyone; outlining the unity of Glo and Serenity’s family. The celebrations together last until New Year’s Eve, where a unique tradition they take part in includes carrying a suitcase in and out of the house the number of times that coincides with the year, so this year would be 22 times. This is meant to bring good luck and the suitcases symbolize fortune and travel. All the while, Glo is an integral part of everything. The traditions spent together and the memories made are a sole foundation for holiday spirit. It’s important to keep the holiday spirit alive in each and every one of us.

Jay Nolan wishes you a magical holiday season full of love, laughter, and joy.

Written by: Noelle Amey (JNCS Social Media Representative)

Support services for individuals with autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities. Donate to the JNCS Annual Appeal Campaign.

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