Debbie: Not One Size Fits All

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In October of 2019, Debbie was welcomed into the Jay Nolan family. Since then Debbie has gotten the love and care she deserves while finally being given a voice. When she first arrived, her support staff sat down and built a path with her while also becoming actively involved with her family. It was important that we listened to what Debbie wanted and observed her true needs. Since coming to JNCS Debbie has been happier and more engaging than ever before. 


So when COVID-19 hit, Debbie was well prepared to handle it. She transitioned many of her usual activities indoors or to an area outside where she could social distance. Now her days are filled with puzzles, painting, singing, dancing, and doing her own laundry. Her support person, Ingrid, made the comment that when Debbie’s singing, “it’s a whole concert session”. Her favorite music to play and sing along to is country music. She goes on her daily walks and plays soccer games as well. Debbie has also been finding interesting shows on TV to stay entertained. Additionally, family has been an important aspect in Debbie’s life, especially now. Debbie chats with her mom every day and together they get lunch every week. 



Not One Size Fits All

When given the opportunity, Debbie can exceed expectations. When first arriving at Jay Nolan, Debbie was wheelchair bound. But after only eight days with JNCS, she was up and walking on her own with minimal assistance. Debbie is also known to be a great negotiator when there’s something she wants.


Debbie, like all others, is unique in her personality. She is learning from her support staff just as much as they are learning from her. Much like how JNCS Supported Living Supervisor, Patty Ventura, phrases it, “not one size fits all. Everyone’s path and schedule is different and we really are learning directly from our supported individuals. It’s all based on relationships and trust, which is something Jay Nolan values highly.” 


Help make sure Debbie and other individuals with Autism and other developmental disabilities in California continue receive the individualized support they need to pursue the life they want:


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