2021 Direct Support Professional Recognition Week

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Direct Support Professional (DSP) Recognition week (September 12-18, 2021) celebrates and honors DSPs across the nation. DSPs are the heart and soul of our mission to help people with disabilities be empowered, included, and embraced in our communities.

Jay Nolan Staff in the Spotlight

This year, we want to highlight some of the absolutely amazing DSPs at our agency. We are so grateful to them for their hearts of compassion, their dedication to service, their abundant skills, and their commitment to the individuals we have the privilege of supporting. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

A Very Special Thank You: Irene Valencia

Irene has been with the agency for 26 years supporting Gloria, who is turning 74 years young next month. Over the years, Irene has really embraced Glo as her family member. In fact, Irene was already supporting Glo when she was pregnant with her daughter, Serenity, who is now one of Glo’s support staff!

  Irene and Gloria spent many chapters of their lives together and they have both helped one another grow. Irene has always seen that Glo has the capable and intelligent women she is. In the past, Glo endured a traumatic life of being at Camarillo State Hospital as a young teen until adult age. Irene met her when she was released from the hospital and stood by her side in Supported Living at Jay Nolan when she was experiencing challenges and may people would have quit. Irene stuck by Glo’s side despite everything because she believed in her and knew her potential to overcome. 

  Glo is now facing a different chapter of her life with the “Golden years.” She is aging and it is becoming more difficult to do basic daily tasks and her vision is declining. Unfortunately, she also recently took a fall that caused her a head injury. Irene once again stepped up and took care of her round the clock to help her recover and is almost completely back to her regular self. Witnessing Irene reassuring Glo that she can overcome this fall and be her strong self again is so admirable.  

 Their strong bond with one another truly captures the values of Jay Nolan and our mission to ensure every person has the support to live a valued life on their own terms. Thank you you, Irene, for your compassion, your dedication, and your heartwarming willingness to make Glo a part of your life and your family! 


Thank You DSPs!

Thank you to all of the DSPs at Jay Nolan Community Services! You are the pillar that makes our mission a reality in the lived of people every single day.

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