Grateful Greetings from CEO Edward Amey

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Grateful Greetings!

While we have still had some sunny and warm days recently, the nights are getting a chill on them. With my yard covered in golden leaves, Yep, fall has fully arrived. All the trees on my street have exploded with red, yellow, gold and brown! It’s an amazing site. I love driving up my street and seeing that sight welcome me home. Fall is a beautiful season, and it stirs in us a feeling of thankfulness.

November always reminders me to stop and say, “thank you,” and to acknowledge the blessings I have. There really is so much to be thankful for. This year we celebrated our beloved veterans on November 11th with a new benefit, by providing a paid day off for all our JNCS veterans and military reservists. This will be an ongoing benefit JNCS will provide as a way of recognizing their service to us all. While it may look different than in years past, on November 26th, we will set aside a day to spend time with family and friends to share a meal and remember the gifts and blessings in our lives. With a grateful heart, I ask you to remember Jay Nolan Community Services on Giving Tuesday, December 1st, and join in our online virtual fundraiser – Raising Dough, on December 2nd!

I am so grateful to be a part of this remarkable organization. Jay Nolan’s mission and vision for a community where every member has the opportunity to give, serve, and advocate is powerful. To our dedicated staff, I say thank you for your hearts of service. To our generous donors, I say thank you for believing in us. And to the wonderful people we have the privilege of supporting, I say thank you for allowing us to join you in your journey!

In these challenging times, may this November be one filled with reminders to be grateful and opportunities to bring joy to others.
Thank you for your support and commitment to Jay Nolan and its mission.

Edward Amey, CEO


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