Famous People And Celebrities With Autism Who Make A Difference

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Jay Nolan Community Services Shares A Short History Of Famous People And Celebrities With Autism Who Have Made A Difference In Society.

When a person is diagnosed on the Autism spectrum, society tends to focus on the differences and deficits of the person, rather than seeing the diverse and positive aspects of the individual. Despite having the Autism label, there are many people who have achieved success by excelling in their chosen fields and living productive and influential lives. With the creation of Autism organizations, such as Jay Nolan Community Services, people are now more aware of the gifts and contributions of those with Autism in the arts and sciences.

Over 250 years ago, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart composed over 500 musical pieces that have become so well- loved that no one would ever believe he could have been living with Autism. While a diagnosis of Autism did not exist at the time, information on Autism has grown so rapidly today that it is estimated 1 in 68 births in the United States will result in a diagnoses of Autism. It can only be assumed that Mozart did fall on the spectrum based on his mood swings, tendency for repetitive hand motions, and sound sensitivity. Today, we also enjoy the musical performances of those we know to have Autism, such as the musical prodigies Courtney Love, Susan Boyle, and James Durbin.

Over a hundred years after the death of Mozart, Albert Einstein became the most world renowned scientist. In school, Einstein’s teachers never expected greatness because of his difficulty with social relationships, tactile sensitivity, repetitive language, poor grades, and lack of attention. Without what is now called “appropriate accommodations,” it makes perfect sense that someone so intelligent and so full of ideas about the world would fall behind in school. Even though Einstein had Autistic traits, he had one of the greatest brains in history. Like Mozart and Einstein, Stanley Kubrick and Tim Burton are also believed to fall on the Autism spectrum. As directors, writers, and producers, both Kubrick and Burton have made tremendous changes to the way films are viewed. Audiences across the world have marveled at their artistic works and influences behind the camera. In front of the camera, actors Daryl Hannah and Dan Aykroyd have not allowed their Autism diagnoses to interfere with their creativity or give up on living their dreams.

About Jay Nolan Community Services

Jay Nolan Community Services, a non-profit organization that supports children and adults with Autism spectrum and other developmental disabilities, believes that just because a person has been diagnosed on the Autism spectrum, doesn’t mean it should stop people from achieving dreams or their full potential. These celebrities have proven that perceiving the world differently can lead to great things, despite what society’s perception of Autism may be.

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