A Bright Future for UAA Graduate Griffin

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In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic almost cut short Griffin’s pursuit of a meaningful career as a CNC machinist. Two years later, his tenacity, perseverance, and hard work has finally paid off.

A Rough Start: March 17, 2020, Uniquely Abled Academy CNC* Fast Track training program at College of the Canyons was suspended for what was initially thought to be for only 2-3 weeks due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Griffin Siroky was a trainee in that class and close to finishing his 3rd week of a 12-week vocational training program. His hopes and aspirations were to get a manufacturing job in Valencia as a Machine Operator.

Griffin would have to unfortunately put his dream on hold indefinitely and wait to see what would happen. As the initial 2-3-week suspension turned into months, Griffin made as decision to seek employment in the meantime. His limited class knowledge still landed him a job in a local manufacturing shop in the Assembly department. This job would serve to give Griffin experience and skills that he would later use at his current job.


A Bright Future Ahead: In January 2022, almost 2 years after the UAA was suspended, Griffin was able to resume the vocational training program again.  He participated in the program from January 10 – April 8th, where upon graduating he was immediately offered a job at Classic Wire Cut as a CNC EDM* machine operator.

Griffin is now working 40 hours a week with the occasionally Saturday overtime shift. He is entrusted with overseeing 2-3 machines at the same time. His supervisors speak highly of him and impressed with his ability to quickly learn new aspects of his job. Griffin hopes to buy a new car and travel with the money he makes working at his job.

*CNC – Computerized Numerical Control – Important machines in the manufacturing industry  that combines the use of computer and software to cut parts from different materials.

*EDM – Electrical Discharge Machining – when traditional CNC machining methods have reached their limit, EDM machining is used.  It uses thermal energy by means of a electrical charge of high frequency current through the electrode to the workpiece.  It is cutting through a piece of metal with a wire the size of a strand of hair.

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