James’s Success Story

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James is a true knowledge-seeker. 

Meet James. James has been with Jay Nolan Community Services since the beginning – for over 26 years, to be exact. Two decades seems like a long time, but time flies when you are always learning and exploring the world around you.

In the clip above, James visits the local J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles. James’s passion is for travel: exploring new places and learning more about the world. He is a true adventurer and knowledge-seeker. He is especially knowledgeable about California history and politics, which shines brightly in his involvement with the JNCS Open Advocacy Forum. Being part of the leadership team, James is responsible for guest RSVPs and food coordination and uses his repertoire of knowledge to advocate on behalf of himself and his peers.


For James, support from Jay Nolan Community Services means having the resources to pursue his passion for adventure and learning. With a helping hand and an open heart, the world is yours. Keep exploring!

Help make sure James and other individuals with Autism and other developmental disabilities in California receive the support they need to be successful:


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