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Meet Kimi: A leader and a free spirit

Say hello to Kimi, one of the brightest individuals supported through Jay Nolan Community Services. In the clip above, Kimi explains the value of independence and the importance of having access to quality support to pursue her interests and live a life entirely of her choosing [message read by Lily Handly, a friend and supervisor at JNCS].

An Independent Spirit

Kimi has Cerebral Palsy and is living life to the fullest. She loves to laugh, and her bubbly personality shines through in the way she interacts with the world. She uses non-verbal forms of communication such as her eye movements to communicate with friends, family, and others. In that way, Kimi speaks her mind and is an ardent self-advocate and leader at the JNCS Open Advocacy Forum. As part of the leadership team, she handles RSVPs and does research on discussion topics for the Advocacy Forum meetings.


A Dream Come True

Yet, the opportunity was not always there for Kimi to get around on her own. Two years ago, Kimi’s dream of an independent life came true when she finally got an accessible van that could transport her wherever she wanted to go. With the van, she is able to be as active as she wanted, to go out with her boyfriend, and live the life that makes her happy.

Along with having the right transportation, Kimi attributes her independence to the people who walk with her on her journey. This includes the daily support she receives from her JNCS staff Mirna who really understands her wants and her needs. Whatever Kimi is up to, Mirna is there to help her get to where she wants to go.

“It is critical for my wellbeing, health, and quality of life that I have a reliable, kind, easy-going staff person like Mirna who supports me to live my life and find my own path.”

– Kimi Zolriasatin


Nowadays, Kimi can be found happily exploring her community, going on dates with her boyfriend Jeff, and attending Open Advocacy Meetings- including dressing up for this year’s Halloween Potluck and Costume Contest. Next time you see Kimi, be sure to say hello!

Help make sure Kimi and other individuals with Autism and other developmental disabilities in California receive the support they need to be successful:

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