Martin’s Success Story

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Known by his close friends as the “Dancing King” or “The Boss,” Martin has been with JNCS for over 17 years. Martin moved to a new apartment in Northridge seven years ago with the help of his staff- or in his words, the “Dream Team”. The best part of living with his roommate Antonio, he says, is that he has his own space and the freedom to do what he likes.

Martin is smart and very independent as he navigates the public transportation system daily for most of his transportation needs like getting to work on time. He also has an admirable work ethic and values his role at Ralph’s supermarket as a Courtesy Clerk, a role he has held for over fifteen years. Charming and friendly, he is friends with most of the other staff and many of the regular customers. His unique sense of style and interest in fashion are a trademark to everyone who knows him.

His friendliness and fondness for people shine through in his active involvement in his community. Growing up, Martin looked up to his father who was active in church and volunteered there as an usher. Now Martin is following in his father’s footsteps by working as a greeter on Sundays and an usher on Saturday nights at the two churches he attends: Catholic and Methodist. Martin speaks very fondly of church and of the people he has met there, including one family which he considers his own.

Relationships are important to Martin. Ritually, Martin takes time to go the cemetery and leave flowers for his parents. He purchases flowers at the local flower shop where he has made friends with the employees. Martin also maintains a relationship with his two older brothers, Ray and Donald Jr. and nephews. He has a best friend named Mark, whom he spends time with every other Sunday as Martin would refer to as “Super Sunday”. Martin feels like he has been adopted into Mark’s family. He attends family weddings, engagements parties, football games, and other family functions with Mark and family.

Martin loves to be involved in the community events and weddings and drink his “bubbly” as he calls it and dance the night away, hence his nickname “Dancing King.” He also enjoys kicking back and hanging out at the local sports bars to watch football games and cheer for his favorite team (Pittsburgh Steelers). With the goal of looking better every year, Martin works out at the gym three days a week with his day staff, Gilbert. The pair also loves to visit used bookstores, thus expanding Martin’s interests and his book and movie collections.

Martin is very excited about his future and growing his family with the traditions he shares with members of his church, friends, and coworkers. With the support of JNCS, he has made a presence in his community and always presents a warm, friendly and welcoming face. Martin is a man that others should aspire to be like. He is a true role model.

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