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Vicki and her son, Michael, found their way to Jay Nolan Community Services through the help of their Regional Center. They were searching for a place where her son and his friend could become roommates, so the Regional Center recommended Jay Nolan above many other providers due to their person-centered mission.

A Phenomenal Impact on Michael

When asked how JNCS has helped her son, Vicki said that the impact on Michael and his life has been phenomenal. Michael had always been a ‘go with the flow’ type of person and rarely spoke up for himself and his wants. Since being in Supported Living at Jay Nolan, however, Michael realized he is the boss of his own life and has learned to speak up for himself, especially if he wishes to voice a concern. He knows he can share information with his staff and speak his mind. He also knows he can say no to something he does not want to do. Vicki is so proud of all the skills her son has learned and how independent he has become over the years with Jay Nolan.

Not “Cookie Cutter” Services

After a year spent working with Jay Nolan, Vicki was asked if she would volunteer as a board member because of her experience as an administrative assistant. She worked on creating and setting up a database to track special incident reports, as well as creating and conducting surveys. She currently serves as the Board Secretary.

Vicki has been a long-time advocate of Jay Nolan and her support has been recognized and cherished by the JNCS community. According to Vicki, the services customized for each individual is a novelty not seen with any other organization. “Jay Nolan is an ideal place to work and ideal organization to donate to because it’s not cookie cutter,” says Vicki. Services are not ‘one sized fits all.’ The support provided is always tailored to fit each person’s lifestyle, goals and desires.

How to Support Individualized Services for Children and Adults with autism and other I/DD

Yours support allow JNCS to enhance and start new support services customized to each person’s needs with a high level of personal, caring, and individualized support. This often requires supplementary overtime for staff, additional opportunities and supports, and an enhanced level of dedication that is not covered by the rate set by the Regional Center.

There are many ways to support services for the people we serve, no matter your budget.

  1. $10/Month: Become a member of Journey Partners,  our monthly giving community. You can feel great about setting up this convenient monthly donation and providing a predictable base of support.
  2. Any Amount: Make a one-time gift to Jay Nolan Community Services. Your donation provides personalized 1:1 support to more than 400 individuals each year.​ Together we can make sure all people are empowered, included, and embraced.
  3. Free: Sign Up for Ralphs Community Rewards or Amazon Smile. These companies will donate a percentage of your purchases to the organization of your choice at no cost to you!
  4. Legacy Giving: Help individuals with autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities thrive with a gift in your will, trust, or investment account


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