What Are Adaptive Skills and How Can They Help?

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Jay Nolan Community Services in Northern California has the privilege to help teach Adaptive Skills Training (AST) to children and young adults with autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities. The goal of Jay Nolan has been and always will be assisting individuals to live their own independent lives. There is no better time to start learning how to live independently than right now!

Luz Chavez, Regional Director of Northern California at Jay Nolan Community Services, and her team recently got the green light to offer Adaptive Skills Training (AST) for children ages 3 to 22. The goal of Adaptive Skills Training is to offer individualized support to children and meet them where they are.

What is Adaptive Skills Training (AST)?

Adaptive skills can be anything from assistance with communication and time management, to learning social skills and helping navigating school. Working with children on adaptive skills will be a flexible and individualized service based on the need of the individual. A specific plan is created for each child which can provide one-on-one attention with whatever the individual wants to learn.

The key is helping the children feel comfortable; whether that is in their home or a community center and at whatever times they are available to meet. First there is an assessment process and then the next step is working together to identify the discovery plan on what route would deliver success; however success looks to each person.

“The team and I are very excited because we have been wanting to serve children and that is really something that is in my heart and I think that I’m very passionate about it, so now with all the services that Jay Nolan can offer I can see how families are going to benefit from this.” – Luz Chavez

Young girl in a pink shirt sitting in an office chair while talking to another person off screen.

Adaptive Skills can help young kids develop communications skills, which in turn helps them be more confident to take on new challenges.

Help Navigating the School System

In some cases, there is a need for help in navigating the school system, especially when the children are bilingual and English is a second language. Parents seek out help in supporting their children with school requirements. The team comes along side and works with kids on organizational and time management skills, as well as knowing when to seek out additional support if they need it. There is a real need for this support system in teaching adaptive skills that is not already offered through medical services or by the school system.

Help With Communication Barriers

Communication can be a huge struggle for some families, and oftentimes siblings feel the responsibility to be protective. With adaptive skills, siblings can learn to communicate with each other and practice just being siblings rather than any other role they feel they must take on. Additionally, learning how to best communicate can also look like a supported individual voicing their opinions, questions, and even concerns and feeling strong enough to do so.

A young Hispanic man explaining something to a female Jay Nolan employee. Both are sitting on a coach in the young man's living room.

Jay Nolan Community Services offers Adaptive Skills to children and young adults ages 3 to 22 in San Jose and the Monterey Bay peninsula.

Now Offering Services Across the Monterey Peninsula

Luz Chavez and her team are dedicated to helping every child who is in need and will work directly with them and the family to ensure they live the life they want. Additionally, Luz and her teams in Salinas, San Jose, Santa Cruz, and Monterey Counties have a goal to expand even further out in California.

If you are looking for services for a loved one with autism or other intellectual or developmental disabilities, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Jay Nolan. Reach out to learn more about Adaptive Skills Training and the services provided. We are looking to expand everywhere there is need.

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