Action Alert: California Budget Cuts to Disability Services

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This week we have an important thing for all of us to participate in: to advocate for our community. There’s a lot of discussion and voting going on with regard to budgets and budget cuts. I want to assure you that we are prepared. As I’ve mentioned to you before, we are working in the now and we are also preparing for tomorrow. Your board of directors and your leadership team of Jay Nolan is prepared. We will be fine. We will do this well, and we will continue to deliver on our mission as we have for the last 45 years.

But we need to advocate for our community. There are links below so you can get involved and make your voice heard because our community needs to be heard. Please be involved, but be peaceful. Know that your leadership at Jay Nolan is committed to the mission, one and only, always the mission and we will deliver. And it is also because of you, amazing staff, amazing family, amazing supported individuals.

-Edward Amey, Executive Director


ADVOCACY ALERT! Tell Congress #WeAreEssential

We need your help to include the disability community in COVID-19 Relief Bills! Without Federal emergency relief funding to help offset the $300+ million in cuts to the developmental disabilities system, families will suffer and individuals with disabilities will go without critical services. You can help: Contact your members of congress urging them to support people with disabilities in the next pandemic relief package. TAKE ACTION NOW


Fact Sheet: Gavin Newman’s Proposed Budget

Why is funding to disability services getting cut? What is the impact if our sector does not receive federal funding assistance by July? And most importantly, what can we do about it? Read the facts here (Courtesy of The Arc)


Webinar – Cuts to California State Budget Will Impact People with Disabilities

Learn more: Severe budget cuts are coming at a time when our community is one of the most vulnerable to the coronavirus pandemic and the effects of the shutdown. Watch this webinar for details of the budget cuts and the important advocacy work we must quickly assemble in order to limit their negative impact. Watch Webinar (Courtesy of Disability Voices United)


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