JNCS Employment Services Receives Three-Year CARF Accreditation

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Congratulations to the JNCS Employment Services Department! Our team has successfully completed their CARF survey and obtained another Three-Year CARF Accreditation.

What is CARF Accreditation?

The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) was founded in 1966 as an international as well as independent non-profit accreditor of health and human services agencies. It accredits roughly 60,000 programs that serve 15 million individuals, each in different ways. CARF is essential for JNCS; without a successful accreditation we cannot be a provider of Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) services. DOR services are integral for people with disabilities to be able to seek employment opportunities as well as remain successfully and gainfully employed in their communities. We are proud to say that JNCS have successfully maintained this status for over twenty years.

A Legacy of Quality Services

Without fail, Jay Nolan has consistently received the three- year accreditation. CARF accreditation ensures that JNCS provides quality employment services that meet internationally accepted standards. The standards emphasize a person-centered and individualized approach. The accreditation review also helps us demonstrate accountability to funding agencies and stakeholders. Our funders as well as our stakeholders want to ensure that we are providing quality employment services. This is a great accomplishment to be proud of as an organization considering the rigorous and time-consuming process. Receiving the accreditation as a large organization is always great motivation to stay on top of things and remain vigilant. By staying ahead of the game, JNCS has become a demonstrated leader for other employment services providers.

Accreditation during COVID-19

Like most everything else impacted by COVID-19, acquiring a renewed three-year accreditation was extremely difficult. Many factors were unique with their own set of challenges this past year, yet JNCS managed to secure another three-year accreditation. Chief Program Officer and Director of Employment Services, Jessica Morrow, states she is “incredibly proud of our organization for taking this on”. Ms. Morrow reminds us that the experience of the individual is furthered by our relationship with CARF in accordance to how we promote our message to the community; Jay Nolan offers a package customized to each person without the need to stress about which ‘box’ someone fits in. The mission is to be invisible to the supported individual and be guided by what the individual wants to share with their employer.

JNCS is a better organization because of our relation to CARF. The goal is to make everyone’s experience the best it can be, and CARF helps us to accomplish that. Additionally, Ms. Morrow would love to engage anyone who has his or her own insights and recommendations on how to enhance someone’s experience with Jay Nolan.

Written by: Noelle Amey (JNCS Social Media Representative)

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