Tell Congress: Include People With Disabilities in Coronavirus Relief Bill!

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Jay Nolan Community Services is dedicated to making sure the individuals we support stay healthy and receive the support they need during the Coronavirus outbreak. That being said, JNCS fully supports advocacy efforts to include individuals with disabilities within State and Federal Coronavirus Relief legislation.

Make sure all individuals are taken care of. Write to your legislators today!


“This bill addresses many of the needs of people with disabilities in this global crisis. As the coronavirus relief bill moves through Congress, the paid sick days and paid leave policy must include funding to cover our direct support workforce,” said Peter Berns, CEO, The Arc. “We fear that without appropriate action by Congress and President Trump, the coronavirus pandemic could lead to further exacerbation of the workforce crisis and the unnecessary placement of people with disabilities and aging adults into institutions and other congregate settings in violation of their rights and posing risk to their health.”

From The Arc:

***Update*** The House of Representatives has passed this bill – it is time for the Senate to act!

People with disabilities are more likely to have underlying health conditions – this means that they will be disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and need immediate support! This includes expanding access to health care, making sure that direct support professionals (DSPs), who support people with disabilities to live independently, can continue to do their vital work, and much more.

Legislation is quickly moving through Congress to respond to this global crisis. Ask Members of Congress to include the vital needs of people with disabilities, specifically:

  • Increased federal reimbursement for state Medicaid programs to help states respond to the crisis
  • Ability to access a 90-day supply of medication and medical supplies
  • Emergency requirements for all health insurers to cover testing
  • Expanded nutrition assistance
  • Workforce support, including paid sick leave and paid leave for all workers

Without this legislation, people with disabilities face possible institutionalization, which would violate their rights and risk their health.

Urge Congress to ensure that the rights and needs of people with disabilities are center to coronavirus relief legislation!


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