Warm April Greetings from CEO Edward Amey

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Warm April greetings to you,

As the weather warms up this month, we are excited at the opportunity to be out in community again! With vaccines becoming widely available, more restaurants and businesses opening back up, and the sun shining on it all, there is a renewed sense of hope. Spring is that season of hope. Hope is something we all should be able to share in, and with April being Autism Acceptance Month, we boldly proclaim acceptance, inclusion and hope are fundamental to all our community members. Join us in wearing red this month to make your statement that everyone is accepted in our community.

It is my hope for each of you, that this is a spring full of the warmth of strong relationships, community contribution, purposeful pursuits, and remarkable advocacy. May each of us uniquely serve one another, building a community characterized by its warmth and acceptance.

As the talented and inspirational actor, Christopher Reeve, so profoundly put it, “Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.” We believe a warm community of interdependence and respect is a true community where all its members can find hope.

Thank you for contributing and adding your “touch” to our community, and for believing as JNCS does, that the wholeness of our community comes from ALL its members having the opportunity to dream.

Edward Amey, CEO


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