Interview with June Getz: Supporting a Strong Workforce

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We sat down with June Getz, the Chief Operating Officer at Jay Nolan Community Services, to learn about the importance of Human Resources to supporting a strong workforce in pursuit of our mission.

How does your work relate to the mission of Jay Nolan Community Services?

June: I feel we are contributing toward the mission of providing individualized services to people with autism and other developmental disabilities because we want our staff to have everything that they need to feel confident in their work, and to feel supported. In HR, you definitely have to enjoy and take satisfaction in working with and assisting people. You must do your best to address concerns and general issues about employment.

We manage the payroll services, workers compensation insurance, training and development, the Covid-19 regulations, and making sure everyone feels safe in their workplace. So, I feel that our job is critical in ensuring that staff have the right information and that we are available any time there are questions and concerns. Anything that the staff need, we are there to help so they may continue to do the important work they were hired to do.

Jay Nolan staff and supported individuals waving their hands while posing for a group photo at the 2022 autism acceptance picnic at the park.

The Human Resources Department at Jay Nolan ensures that staff have everything that they need to feel confident in their work, and to feel supported.

What is your proudest accomplishment during your time as a director for Jay Nolan?

June: I have a really great team that I work with, and I would not be able to operate if I didn’t have the right people supporting the same goal I have. I’m proud of making the right selection of people for the right roles because they make my job easier, and we work together to achieve the same goal for Jay Nolan. I am incredibly happy with the team that I work with, and I think they are the best in the world.

I am incredible happy with the team that I work with, and I think they are the best in the world.”

What is the most difficult challenge you are facing at the moment?

June: Due to inflation and rising gas prices, pay is a question that comes up quite frequently with our team, as well as wanting to be acknowledged in that way through pay increases or bonus opportunities. Although the staff know that decision does not primarily land with HR, that question still comes up. Recently, the changes in the CA budget for disability services has made it possible for us to raise wages for our direct support staff, which is wonderful; staff are really happy about that.

People have to make a living and that’s hard. A lot of our staff have to work multiple shifts to make enough to support their expenses and support their family. I also receive questions about whether benefits, care, and expenses will be improved this year. Management and budget lead those decisions to increase wages steadily throughout the next few years. Advocacy for legislation changes and prioritizing funding for support services is key to being able to compensate staff for the incredible work that they do every single day for the people they support.

For now, we always want to try and help as best we can, and sometimes we can’t always change a situation for someone. It’s impossible to meet everyone’s needs and expectations, but we do the very best we can for our staff.

June Getz holds a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from California State University Northridge and a Human Resources Management Certification through the Graduate program’s Tseng Extended Learning. June also currently holds a nationally recognized Professional in Human Resources (PHR) License. June’s interest and introduction into Human Resources stemmed from witnessing and experiencing workplace mistreatment from a former employer. June began her career with JNCS in 2007 as the Employment Recruiter, was then promoted to Employee Training Manager, and then promoted to Director of Human Resources in 2014.

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