In Loving Memory of Martin “The Boss” Gottenbos

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It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of our dear friend Martin “The Boss” Gottenbos (August 1968-October 2021). Martin has joined his beloved Father Donald, and Mother Joan.⠀

~Martin G. “AKA Da Boss”
“An Angel has earn his Wings and Flew home to Paradise on October 8th 2021 at 12:05PM”
(RIP) Rest In Paradise – my friend!” -JR

A Vibrant Pillar of our Community

JNCS has had the honor of walking alongside Martin for over 20 years. Martin was loved by many around him. He was a passionate sports fan. He was an active community member, and loved his church congregation very much. Martin has made a presence in his community and always presented a warm, friendly and welcoming face. His vibrant fashion sense, love of fashion, and warm personality lit up the room. He was a fantastic host of the Jay Nolan Self Advocacy Forum and wonderful friend.

“The Boss” will be greatly missed.

Remembering Martin:

“Truly a sad day for JNCS & those who knew “The Boss.” It was always nice to see Martin in the office. He always made sure to greet everyone and catch up with them. Martin truly will be missed.”  – Ernesto

“He was an amazing, creative, kind, and fashionable man. I’ll cheer for the Steelers and always appreciate any man in a pink shirt in his honor. We can all learn from his love of people and sense of community.” -Jessica

“Martin was one of the kindest souls, always happy! He had a smile and a pleasant thought for everyone. He also had one of the best bear hugs. The planet and all of us lost a good man!” -Betsy

“Throughout the years and before Covid-19, Martin always loved coming by the office to say hello to his colleagues at Jay Nolan. During the last 18 months, I have missed Martin’s visits and listening to his enjoyable conversations. He loved sharing stories about working at Ralph’s Grocery Store and volunteering & greeting all the church members every Sunday morning at Our Lady of Lourdes. He was so proud of his years working at Ralph’s and as a volunteer at his church.

Rest in peace, Dear “Loveable Martin.” – Pat

“Martin was a kind, energizing and inspiring man who was always living his best life. I will continue to be inspired and will miss him dearly.” – Vanessa

“Your sudden passing has shocked me to the core. My kids were saddened to hear of your death. Gilbert Jr., Nathan, Fernie, and Michael will always remember you. Thank you for trusting in me to be your companion for the last 12 years. You called us the “Dream Team” and what a wonderful journey we had together. Visiting the Northridge Mall and the nearby used bookstore will never be the same again. I will honor you every time I enter those places. I miss you Martin but I know that you are where you belong, with your mother and father. Until we meet again my friend! “The Boss” forever” -Gilbert


A Message from Mark:

To know him was to love him for who he was!

I met him in 1998 while I was a job developer for Jay Nolan. What a personality, always in a good mood & never complaining. Having the opportunity to place him in a job was really motivating for me. Ralphs called me and I said, “Mark I need a friendly courtesy clerk, The rest is history, He loved loved his job and the store loved him! Bring there approximately 19 years was truly remarkable!

Martin will always be a special person to me. He’d always motivate me to stay on and be a job developer and help as many people as possible. Without him I can’t say if I would of continued for 16 years!

Even when I retired we still met on the last Sunday of the month! Sharing fun times together, such as Laker Games, King Games, UCLA basketball & many movies at the theater. He’s number one love was going to church where he’d met so many kind people who care and loved him for who he was, just a genuine warm person. Over time he’d always shared his photo albums from the occasions on Sunday’s at church. He was a happy happy camper. Sharing stories from ALL the people he’d met!

I’m struggling with his loss, and think about him all the time. I know also his love for his mom during those early years, how much she had influenced him and be the best he could be. She loved him dearly and would always tell me how special Martin was to her and everyone!

The world would be a better place with more Martins around!


You can read about Martin’s life here:

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