October 2021 Update from CEO Edward Amey

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Happy Harvest Season!

The trees in my yard are dropping so many leaves, there are days I can’t even see the grass! The mornings are becoming cooler, and the colors of fall are all around us. We are deep into 2021 and the holidays will soon be upon us. This year just seems to be flying by! I am so abundantly proud of the team at Jay Nolan Community Services. We have adjusted to the multitude of procedure changes handed to us by federal, state and local authorities. We have adapted to our communities opening, closing, and opening back up. The team’s creativity, dedication, commitment and perseverance are the essential ingredients to fulfilling our mission. This impressive creativity is growing our skills, opening up new possibilities, and developing us all as resilient individuals. October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM). Let’s celebrate the power of a diverse workforce! We are passionate about equity in employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities here at Jay Nolan.

The accomplished business executive, Angela Ahrendts, powerfully articulated the true purpose of a successful endeavor, “the true measure of our success will be the number of people touched and transformed by our success.” Those words represent the very breath in our lungs as we seek to make the mission of Jay Nolan Community Services a reality in the lives of people. We have the honor of walking the journey alongside individuals seeking to find their own place in the world, and then celebrating with them the vital contributions they make to our community.

As I have been sharing with you throughout this long pandemic challenge, we are working in the “now,” while still actively planning for the future. We continue to persevere in our efforts to support each individual in their own pursuit of happiness. That pursuit may require changes in our approach as we adapt to new requirements, but the pursuit continues. JNCS has not discontinued providing services for a single day during this pandemic; and in fact, we have even started new services for individuals requesting JNCS as their provider during this time. This has certainly not been an easy season. But, we are committed to our mission and the lives it represents.

Thank you for your support and commitment to Jay Nolan and its mission.

Edward Amey, MS


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