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As we celebrate numerous events, days, and people this month, we cannot forget to celebrate May as National Mobility Awareness Month. No one understands or recognizes this better than our very own Mariela Linares, JNCS Receptionist (and Manager of First Impressions!).

Meet Mariela

Mariela, who has a disability that impairs her mobility, knows better than anyone the importance of accessibility in our daily lives. She very recently received a brand new mobile chair that gives her the freedom of movement more than her previous one. Before her brand new chair, Mariela was forced to rely on others for help. She needed assistance in such things as making copies or placing mail in mailboxes, all because she was unable to reach it herself. There were many instances where HR Assistant Pat Cunningham had to step in and help Mariela when she needed it.

A New Found FreedomMariela attending a rally for disability rights wearing a red long-sleeve shirt and holding a sign that says "#Keep the promise to fund my human rights!"

However, ever since Mariela acquired her new mobile and mechanical chair, she’s had a new found freedom. This chair lifts her up and allows her to stand. This brand new functionality completely opened up Mariela to a plethora of possibilities. A very determined Mariela now doesn’t have to rely on anyone else and can accomplish more on her own. Once such instance that Mariela recalls is when she and Pat were in the middle of on-boarding newly hired JNCS employees. Pat requested that Mariela make copies and double check certain paperwork; normally she would’ve had to assist Mariela in doing so, but with her new chair, Mariela was able to complete it on her own. “I feel more independent with his chair,” states Mariela proudly, “I’ve gotten more confident with myself.” She also explains how she came to find a new sense of identity for herself.

With Mariela’s new freedom and identity, it wasn’t just physical mobility that changed for her, it was her emotional mobility as well. Her chair allows her to accomplish more which in turn creates more joy for her. One of those joys include decorating the office, which she can now do more effectively since she can reach higher places now.

Never Give Up

Mariela advises everyone to never “give up on anything you really want to do.” If you really want it, there are always ways to achieve it. Additionally, Mariela says it’s never wrong and no one should be afraid to ask for help if you need it. We have terrific people working at Jay Nolan who are always here to help.

Written by: Noelle Amey (JNCS Social Media Representative)

Access more information about transportation and accessibility Here.

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