Action Alert – Make sure the CA budget includes community services

Whoever you are, Whatever your reason for caring: Are you a person receiving services? Do you have a family member receiving services? Do you work in support of people who receive services? If [...]

California COVID-19 relief package information

Last week, the California Legislature approved an immediate relief and stimulus package for families and businesses hit hardest by the COVID-19 recession. Here is how it may affect certain JNCS [...]

JNCS Supports Advocacy For Racial Justice – Ways to Help

At Jay Nolan Community Services we are honored to serve members of all races and ethnicities, wherever the need exists. In our 45 years of service, we have always been committed to being agents [...]

Action Alert: California Budget Cuts to Disability Services

This week we have an important thing for all of us to participate in: to advocate for our community. There’s a lot of discussion and voting going on with regard to budgets and budget cuts. [...]

JNCS Celebrates Autism Acceptance Month

April is Autism Acceptance Month, and therefore a time to talk about Autism from a place of empowerment. Just a few years ago, this month was dedicated to Autism Awareness, but our society have [...]

Tell Congress: Include People With Disabilities in Coronavirus Relief Bill!

Jay Nolan Community Services is dedicated to making sure the individuals we support stay healthy and receive the support they need during the Coronavirus outbreak. That being said, JNCS fully [...]