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Chris Kafer has received services from Jay Nolan Community Services for over 30 years. In the early 90’s, Chris transitioned form Jay Nolan’s group homes to supported living, where Chris moved into his own home. Chris has been living independently in his own home since! He has long standing roommates, Eric Collins and Tanisha McKinney, who have supported Chris for over 15 years. Chris was always extremely eager to be an active member of his community. He actively pursed employment opportunities whenever necessary. In the mid to late 90’s, Chris had a few different employment opportunities to build his resume. He worked a truck stop in Castaic as a Janitor. Staff, Gino White, recalls how well Chris got along with his colleagues and the truckers that frequented there. They would invite Chris often to Dodgers games, outings, etc. After a few years, Chris’ position was unfortunately eliminated. That did not discourage Chris, he was on the move ready to find his next employment opportunity. Chris was hired at a local book store in Glendale. Chris alphabetized and organized books and records. This was a great match for Chris. Chris loves records. He has his own record collection that is nearing over a thousand records. Chris currently still buys records weekly to add to his collection. After his accomplishments at the book store Chris was on the hunt for his next opportunity.

In 2002, Chris accepted a job at Rite Aid. Chris adjusted to his new duties quickly, being asked to do a variety of task. In February of 2017, Chris received a certificate from Rite Aid acknowledging his 15 years of service! Chris is a valued member of the Rite Aid team. He participates in Rite Aid functions, attends store potlucks often. His work task vary from janitorial work, to assisting in stocking shelves and maintaining inventory. Chris’ eagerness and attentiveness at work is notice by many. Recently, Rite Aid management changed. Within the first week, new management informed staff, Elizabeth Lopez and Community Support Supervisor, Darren Hawkins that they were extremely impressed with Chris’ work ethics. Rite Aid increased his work days and hours! Fifteen years later, Chris continues to strive to do his best work daily. Congratulations to Chris for his 15 years of service at Rite Aid!

Chris’ story exemplifies the mission and values of Jay Nolan Community Services, every person living a quality life. Chris’ supports are personalized to his goals and dreams, which supported him to achieve his goals of finding and maintaining employment and living independently in his own home.

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